21st Century North Carolina Air Quality

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Last Page Update: 12/08/2006

News and Archive

Dupont Fayetteville Works issued T29 for new PVF facility - 06/23/06.
Permit R02 issued to NCEMC Anson County to reflect changes in greenfield plant design - 06/16/06.
Permit T31 issued to The Goodyear Tire & Rubber for temporary back-up boiler - 06/12/06.
Purolator Products becomes Purolator Filters (T17) - 06/06/06.
Troy Lumber Issued Permit T14 for Backup Wood-Fired Boiler with Testing - 05/04/06.
T10 issued to Gibraltar Packaging for new lithographic printing press - 05/02/06.

Staff Rotations in Air Permits Section

July 17 - The first round of DAQ staff rotations will come to a close next month, while the second round is just beginning to get underway. Donnie Redmond has been acting supervisor in the central office permits group, but will switch back to the planning group in August, while Don van der Vaart will rotate back into permits. In addition, Betty Gatano was temporarily rotated from compliance to permits in the central office, while Jay Evans switched over into Betty's compliance slot. Jeff Twisdale has temporarily moved over to the Raleigh Regional Office and Steve Hall is now writing Title V permits in Jeff's central office slot. In addition, Michael Brandon and Bob Wooten are rotating positions between permits and planning.

Source Testing Required for PCS Phosphate Use of Ore From Outside Aurora, NC The North Carolina DAQ issued permit T31 to PCS Phosphate in Beaufort County to specify source test requirements if ore from outside of Auroro is processed at the site. The use of "imported ore" to manufacture phosphoric acid requires testing for fluoride, SO2, and total reduced sulfur (TRS). The emissions of SO2 and TRS are regulated under New Source Review, while the fluoride emissions must meet the NC toxic air pollutant requirements.

Dupont Tests Air Emissions at APFO Plant Dupont Fayetteville Works recently conducted testing of air emissions from the APFO plant. There has been increasing concern during the past year that the spread of APFO, also known as C8, in the environment around the plant may have resulted in part from plant emissions of C8 into air. The APFO source testing was conducted for the processing of both "virgin material" and "re-worked material" received at the plant. (See excerpts from the stack test protocol.)