21st Century North Carolina Air Quality

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Last Page Update: 12/09/2006
North Carolina Air Quality

North Carolina Local and State Air Quality Programs and Staff

The Division of Air Quality (DAQ) has announced the awards for "Employees of the Year" for 2005. Paul Muller, Supervisor of the Asheville Regional Office, was named "Employee of the Year" for 2005, while the award for "Team of the Year" went to Betty Gatano, Michael Pjetraj, Ruchi Singhal, Amy Vanderkop, and Agyeman Adu-Poku, with the Stationary Source Compliance Branch, located in the Raleigh Central Office. Patrick Butler, located in the Raleigh Regional Office, was the Employee of the Year for 2004. The 2003 Employee of the Year was Michael Pjetraj, with Technical Services in Raleigh. Mike Simms, with the Mobile Sources Branch, was the Employee of the Year in 2002. The 2001 Employee of the Year award was shared between Charles McEachern, with the Raleigh Regional Office, and Kim Garnett, with Technical Services in the Raleigh Central Office. Margaret Love, located in the Winston-Salem Regional Office was named Employee of the Year in 2000. The Employee of the Year in 1999 was Brian Phillips, with the Mobile Sources Branch in Raleigh.